Set unit to Cooling, 22 to 26 degrees.          

Set unit to Heating, 18 to 24 degrees.

Fan on High

Fan on High

Horizontal louver to face up

Horizontal louver to face down. (Wall unit) Horizontal louver to face up. (Floor unit)


 Before placing a service call with Sackett Service we ask you to check the following:

 My unit is not operating:

1.   Is the inside unit turned on, check “enable switch” or remote control?  

2.   Is the thermostat on the correct setting ? 

3.   Has the circuit breaker tripped ? (switch on/off at the switchboard)  

4.   Is the unit going through a defrost cycle ? (Is the red light on?)  

5.   Are the batteries flat on remote control?

 My unit is not heating or cooling sufficiently:

1.  Is the unit in the right mode? (Heating or Cooling)  

2.  Are the louvers set correctly to the operation ?  

3.  Are the filters clean ? (This should be done monthly)  

4.  Is the outdoor coil clean ? (Iced up or dirty)  

5.  Have you changed batteries on remote control? (reset remote by pushing ACL)

 My unit is leaking water from the indoor unit

1. DO NOT TURN REMOTE TO 18C on cooling mode.  This will cause the unit to ice up and leak water.

2. Run remote on 22c – 25c on cooling mode to prevent water leak.

This is for your benefit so as to avoid unnecessary charges if the problem stems from an operator error. If you have gone through the above checklist and a problem is still apparent, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff members on (03) 62727776 between the hours of 8.00am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday, or alternatively send us an email (can be done via this website), with the details and we will contact you to schedule a time.


Thank You



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