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 What We Offer

Sackett Services provides air-conditioning, heating and electrical and mechanical engineering services and solutions for residential, commercial and industrial clients.

Sackett Services is able to undertake an energy audit of your commercial business An energy audit will identify how much energy your site uses, where it is used and where there are opportunities to reduce your energy use. ‘Energy’ includes both gas and electricity usage.

Energy Assessment

Sackett Services will undertake a walk through audit looking for opportunities to reduce energy usage. This involves inspecting your business premises and providing you with recommendations to reduce your energy demand, greenhouse gas emissions and reduce your spending on energy costs.

Sackett Services can assist you to:

  • Examine all relevant energy accounts and consumption.
  • Reconcile energy use into key areas.
  • Create a profile of the site in terms of energy sources, use, building, equipment and behavior and associated costs
  • Set goals, objectives and timelines. Example reduce annual energy use by 30% after 2 years.
  • Provide a list of recommendations based on, low cost, medium cost and high cost investments
  • Predict savings in energy consumption.
  • Prioritize energy saving measured according to cost-effectiveness
  • Write final report from data gathered during audit
  • Evaluate and assess the success of the audit

Our audits are high quality and detailed, allowing you to take the next steps to reduce energy usage.

Sackett Services are skilled in evaluating and installing the following items:

  • Lighting
  • General Power
  • Air-conditioning systems
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Pools and Spa’s Heating and filtration
  • Hot water Systems

Energy efficiently was not a priority in building design 10 years ago, therefore there are potentially huge savings to be made in some cases. Products are being invented and released to the market at a incredible rate of knots, these products are energy focused and have the ability when engineering into existing design to save an incredible amount of money and save our environment

Some simple measures to reduce energy costs can have some very big saving, call us now to find out how.


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