The Southern Water offices make up 75% of the building at 163-169 Main Road Moonah. Sackett Services undertook the mechanical work on a “design and construct” basis, we designed and installed the mechanical works that contribute highly to the 5 star NABERS Energy rating. The Daikin controls of this building featured metering and account billing for all electrical and water services, this was another first for Tasmania. We continue to provide support in the area of maintenance and have an excellent working relationship with the building owner.

Below is some of the information that was highlighted and mentioned upon the building receiving this award.


 Tasmanian first sees NABERS 5 Star Whole of Building awarded to Moonah property

 (Media Release)

Derwent Park Developments has achieved a National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) 5 Star Whole of Building Rating for its office redevelopment at 169 Main Road Moonah, a first for Tasmania.

 The 5 Star Whole of Building rating is rare, with the property being one of a handful of buildings in Australia to achieve this rating and the first of its kind in the State.

 Derwent Park Developments Managing Director Troy Harper said construction of the building concluded in March 2011, with the building being fully refurbished both inside and out.

 “In order to achieve this, we took the building back to a concrete shell before commencing renovations,” Mr Harper said.

 “Despite our rugged climate, Tasmania was perfectly capable of producing nationally recognised energy efficient buildings.

 “What makes this achievement even  more significant is that the building cost was 50 – 65 per cent less than the equivalent mainland building,” Mr Harper said.

 Executive Director of the Property Council of Australia, Tasmanian Division Mary Massina congratulated Derwent Park Developments of achieving a Tasmanian first.

 “Derwent Park Developments are to be congratulated for this achievement and yet again it shows the private sector in Tasmania is leading the way by taking efficiency and the environment seriously,” Ms Massina said.

 Mr Harper said the success of this redevelopment is not only a testament to the organisations design ingenuity, but to the energy-efficient business practices of Southern Water and Quarantine Tasmania.

 “Both tenants are to be congratulated on their achievements and are now both part of a very select national group of energy efficient businesses,” Mr Harper said.

 Southern Water Chief Financial Officer Matthew Pigden said a more energy efficient building means lower overheads, leading to reduced operating costs.

 “Southern Water is committed to being energy efficient and moves such as this ensure that we can focus on delivering the best possible services to consumers,”  Mr Pigden said.

NABERS is a performance-based rating system for existing buildings and is based on the buildings measured operational impacts on the environment, taking into account such factors as energy and water, waste and indoor environment.

 For more information on Nabers –

 For further information: Troy Harper 0438 583 212

 Nabers Energy Certificate  Nabers Energy Rating Report

5 star building showcases Tasmanian ingenuity

Thursday 9 August 2012

Lara Gidding 



The Premier, Lara Giddings, today congratulated Tasmanian company Derwent Park Developments for achieving a coveted environmental rating for its office redevelopment at Moonah.

It is the first time National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) 5 Star Whole of Building Rating has been awarded in Tasmania.

I would like to congratulate Derwent Park Developments managing director, Troy Harper, the construction team for his impressive achievement,” Ms Giddings said.

“Only a handful of Australian buildings have achieved this rating and, as testament to Tasmanian ingenuity and innovation, the cost of his redevelopment was 50 to 65 per cent less than that of an equivalent mainland building.”

“What this building represents is the ability to match quality and practical design with environmental sustainability, while achieving good commercial development.”NABERS measures a building’s operational impacts on the environment, taking into account factors such as energy and water use, waste management and indoor environment.

“NABERS also measures the environmental impact of tenants so Southern Water and Quarantine Tasmania should also be recognised for their energy efficient business practices.”



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