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Why Choose Sanden for your Electric Hot Water ?

The Sanden system is the most energy efficient hot water heat pump currently available on the market. As such, when you buy a Sanden system, you receive the highest amount of Small-scale Technology Certificates (STC’s) of any currently available hot water heat pump system. These STC’s can be used to discount your purchase prices.


Features include:

  • 315 Litre size
  • Two sizes available, short and tall
  • Inside or outside location options
  • Stainless-steel tank
  • Superfast recovery – 5 hours
  • Super quiet operation 38db
  • Ozone friendly refrigerant
  • Optional timer operation built in
  • High efficiency 34 STC’s
  • 15 year warranty on tank, 3 years on AC unit

Announcing the addition of 2 new Tank sizes to the Sanden range;

The Sanden Eco® Hot Water Heat Pump system is now available with 160L and 250L tanks, in addition to the current 315L Tall and Short tanks. So, you can choose from 4 tanks, each to be combined with the Sanden Eco® Heat Pump unit, as follows:-

Tank size/shape No. of persons using hot water Typical dwelling type Suitable for Off-peak & Continuous tariffs? STC rebates available?
160L 1-2 Units / Townhouses Continuous only Yes
250L 2-4 Residential Both Yes
315L Tall 3-6 Residential Both Yes
315L Short 3-6 Residential Both Yes

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Why Choose Sanden for your Electric Hot Water ?

Hot Water Systems and Energy Costs

In Australia we pay more for electricity than most places in the developed world, and it’s no wonder. With the recent introduction of the carbon tax, combined with the building of new electricity infrastructure, many commentators suggest that this could result in soaring electricity costs for consumers.

Because traditional hot water systems contribute to a significant portion of a household’s energy costs, taking control of the situation starts with seeking the most efficient hot water system on the market.

Energy Savings with the Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System

A Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump uses industry-leading technology found in refrigeration and air conditioning units, where energy is drawn in from the ambient atmosphere and transferred into heat. An Ozone friendly refrigerant CO2 (R744) absorbs the heat, which then flows into a compressor where it’s converted into a high-temperature gas. Then, it passes through a condenser within the water tank and the water is heated up. No backup elements are required.

A Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System can save up to 78% of your conventional electric storage hot water bills





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