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Solar PanelsThe Micro Inverter solution

The Micro Inverter, with state-of-the-art data collection and transmission hardware, connects to each individual solar panel and is monitored and controlled through a user-friendly, web-based interface.

The Micro Inverter is bolted to the back of each solar panel replacing the central inverter, which allows each panel to operate independently for increased energy production.

Micro inverter vs Traditional Inverter Systems

Shifting environmental factors continually affect the efficiency of solar power systems. Dust, debris and shade are major contributors to loss of productivity. With a conventional string inverter system, the least-performing module determines the productivity of your entire array. For example, one module with leaf debris can greatly reduce productivity of your entire system.Micro inverters allow each solar panel to operate independently and control the power from each with 99.6% accuracy. This results in a significant increase in the performance of the entire system.The micro inverter is highly reliable, has a 25 year life expectancy which matches the solar panels. The inverter designs to operate in real world conditions from -40C to +85C and achieve a peak efficiency of 94.1% for high reliability over the temperature range.




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