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(Now  until the 30 November 2017)

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Sustainable Living Tasmania
Heat Pump Bulk Buy Promotion

(October – December 2015)

The heat pump bulk buy promotion was a collaboration of Sackett Services and Sustainable Living Tasmania to enable low income earners to purchase heat pumps in parts of Southern and Northern Tasmania.

The promotion proved to be a great success and was widely promoted via Facebook, SLT e-newsletter, Information sessions, Google Ad Words, Gumtree, Roadsign and various newspaper articles.

SLT conducted a survey of customers that went ahead with a heat pump installation, here are some of the survey comments;


“Sackett Services were able to solve a problem which previously prevented the installation of a heat pump.  I was very pleased to have this problem solved and a heat pump finally installed.”

 “We are very happy with our heat pump.  We would not have been able to afford it if it wasn’t for the SLT Bulk Buy or the NILS scheme.”

 “This is such a great idea for lower income earners to be able to have the basic luxury of air conditioning at an affordable cost.  I’m so grateful for the opportunity to participate in this scheme.”

 “Participating in the bulk buy was ideal for me as I could trust that SLT had done the research I kept putting off.  The entire process was very easy and I’m so happy with the results.”

 “SLT do the research to find a quality product and then do the negotiations to get a good deal.”

 “I was highly satisfied with price, product and installation when purchasing a heat pump through Sustainable Living Tasmania.”

 “The heat pump project was a great collaboration of SLT with a reputable supplier and NILS.  Thank you!”

 “Better living and family is loving it.”

 “An excellent way to help our family and others make the transition to healthier cost effective heating.”

 “Installation was accomplished on the date and in the time promised with very little disruption to the household.”