Testimonial from Sue and Peter Johnson regarding their Ducted Fujitsu Air Conditioning System and Sanden Heat Pump Hot water.

We have been delighted with the team from Sackett Services starting when Michael came to give us a quote on Fujitsu fully ducted heating and cooling system for our house & a new Sanden heat pump hot water service.  He was full of ideas and nothing was too hard.  The installation happened the day they said it would & the crew were a great team again nothing was a bother – they simply worked to make it right for us. We called to get our heating a bit more fine tuned to suit us – one of the installation crew was there ASAP again no problem. We feel we very confident if anything ever goes wrong in the future Sackett Services will be there to assist.

Sue & Peter Johnson


Testimonial from Steven Brown regarding his Fujitsu Air Conditioning System


On 13th March we had the kind folks from Sackett Services help us install an Inverter Air Conditioner, and to improve the safety of our Switchboard by removing Circuit Breakers and installing RCD’s on all circuits. It has to be said that Sackett Services were very accommodating of our rigid timeframe, the installation was top notch, and the after sale support has been stellar. If you are looking to install air conditioning, implement a hot water solution, or lower your electricity bill by making more efficient use of your energy, then go ahead and contact Sackett Services.

Steven Brown (Hobart CBD – Accommodation)



Testimonial from Roberto regarding his Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System

I installed a Sanden Heat Pump hot water unit purchased from Sackett Services last year in early November. I have attached to the circuit a wattage meter to monitor the power consumed by the system. I can happily report that the system is running on 1/4 of the power the old mains pressure hot water cylinder it replaced. The old system consumed 100 kilo watts per week, while the Sanden consistently runs at 24 kilo watts per week, exactly as promised in the brochure. I have also been impressed how quiet the heat pump runs.

Thanks Mick for the support and recommending the Sanden, I am most impressed.

Roberto, Lenah Valley



Testimonial from George & Christine regarding their Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System

Hi Michael,

What a busy couple of days we’ve had with the installation of our heat pump hot water system and our new heat pump!!!!!!!

George and I were MOST impressed with our hard working team of Ben, Josh and Carl!!!  They were very friendly and efficiently went about their job.  They consulted us and also answered our questions clearly AND PATIENTLY.

Please pass on our thanks to the team.

We will be recommending Sacketts to our friends and workmates who are looking for the products and services you specialise in.

Much appreciated,

Christine & George



Testimonial from Harry Chugg, General Manager – A.E. Smith & Sons Pty Ltd

Sackett Services have been sub contracted by AE Smith & Son to carry out the mechanical electrical installations on numerous mechanical services projects, statewide in Tasmania over the past 20 years.

The scope of works provided by Sackett Services on our projects includes the design, manufacture and installation of switchboards, power and control wiring to major items of equipment including air and water cooled chillers, pumping plant, air handling plant, packaged air conditioning plant, exhaust systems and various other equipment installed in the mechanical services packages.

We have found Sackett Services to be a professional organisation, backed by an extremely competent management team and a highly skilled site installation team of electrical technicians. We have found their knowledge base and ability to complete highly technical installations including various control systems to be without peer in our industry and we have no hesitation in recommending Sackett Services as an electrical contractor to carry out any of the afore mentioned installations.

A.E.Smith & Son P/L

Harry Chugg

General Manager, Tasmania Construction



Testimonial from Justin and Suzie Benson regarding their Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System

A quick email to express how happy I am with the Sanden Hot water system.

I installed it Thursday, once powered up and the air bled from the system the hot water pipe from the heat pump warmed up within minutes.  Approx.’ 10 minutes later we had hot water from the tap.

The install was completed late in the day at 3.30pm and by 6.30pm we had enough hot water to shower three children separately and myself. On powering up the unit I had to take a double check to make sure it had started, that’s how quiet the outdoor unit is.  Amazing is all I can say, I mean after all the years I worked on heat pumps the only other ones quieter I came across were the ones not operating.

Since starting up the system I have noticed the heat pump unit spends more time off than on and we have plenty of hot water, can’t wait to see the difference in the power bill.  This is a great product considering we have a house hold of six. My initial thoughts are I am extremely happy I went for this system over a solar hot water system as our majority of hot water is being used in the evening and as such a solar system would be relying on the electric backup heater to reheat the top up water of a night time.

Once again Thanks Michael for great service.



Testimonial from Ross & Carol Smith regarding their Atlantic heat pump hot water system.

What was the reason you had a new hot water system installed?

“Old one leaked, cannot fault the service.  Excellent customer service, went out their way to ensure complete satisfaction. Even purchased new shower head A+ A+”.

Would you like to nominate an outstanding staff member?

“Refrigeration mechanic – Matthew”



Testimonial from Greg Watt regarding his Sanden Hot Water Heat Pump System

What was the reason you had a new hot water system installed?

“Because of rising energy costs, we sold the old system (5 years old). Previous quarter energy bill was $975.00.  This reduced to $734.00 for the next quarter.  As an aircraft engineer for the last 50 years, I could not fault the installation and professionalism of the electrician and plumber.”  Would you like to nominate an outstanding staff member? “ All staff and contractors could not do enough.”


Testimonial from Paul Chapman regarding his Atlantic Odysseo 2 hot water system.

“I had a Atlantic Odysseo 2 heat pump hot water system installed in in the workshop area of the house where the existing 240 litre hot water cylinder was situated.  The heat pump exhaust outlet was vented outside, but the area was of an adequate size and it was not a necessary.  When it was installed I had an Efergy KW usage meter attached only to the Atlantic Odysseo 2 so I could monitor the KWH used.  It operates quietly with little noise and has been operating for a period of nine weeks set on 60 Celsius.

The household consists of 3 adults.  The KWH usage per week is listed below, but the first week only includes 4 days. The electric backup element was used on the first day to get the water up to temperature.

My old hot water service I estimated it was using between 10 KWH and 11 KWH per day, where this is ONLY using only 2.72 KWH per day.   I would recommend installing an Atlantic Odysseo 2 Heat Pump hot water system, as the power savings will be at least 75%.



Testimonial from Neil Broomfield regarding his Atlantic Odysseo 2 hot water system

I purchased an Odysseo2 unit in March from Sackett Services in Derwent Park, Tasmania.  I have been delighted with the performance of the unit thus far and it seems that it will substantially reduce my electricity consumption.

Furthermore, the service that I received from Sackett Services was faultless, always helpful and courteous.

My thanks to Sacketts;  I have no hesitation in recommending your Odysseo2 unit and Sackett Services as a supplier and installer.


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